App Details

The game selector

On the main level of the app you can select which game you want to use the game clock with. There are four choices; chess, checkers, backgammon and Arimaa. The app is designed so that the four selections do not overwrite each others values. This means that you can for example pause a chess game to use the game clock for some other game and when you come back to chess you'll find the clock paused in the state you left it.

In all games the functionality is basically the same. You first have a setting page where you
define the rules for the clock and under the settings you have a two sided clock that you can start and stop.

The settings

In the settings you can define how the timer should run and you can define it separately for each side. There are a lot of factory defined presets that you can just select and start playing but you can also define you own settings and save those as presets for future use.

To edit the settings on either side just tap on the current value and one of the included editors will open. After editing one side you can copy the same setting to the other player. Press Help to read about the formats that are used to define timer settings.

You can change the sounds used for the clock ticks and enable alerts to be played when the time is about to run out. The warnings will be played out as speech if you select Voice as the warning sound.

The timer view

In the actual timer view you have two main clocks. The active one is counting down and is shown with a pink background. Tap on the screen on the side of the active clock switches turns and activates the opponent's timer. Below and under the main timers there are smaller auxiliary timers that are used, depending on the settings, to show delay, penalty or savings time. Tap on the loudspeaker image toggles the audio silent and swipe on the screen pauses the clocks and gives a possibility to go back to the settings screen.
You can also rotate the timers so that each players' values are facing the end of the player which may make it easier to follow the timer values during game play.